Message From Group Chairman

Mr. Puran Singh Ranwa - Group Chairman Puran Singh Ranwa
Group Chairman
Tagore Science Residential School
"A second home for students, Gurukul like environment in the lap of nature, education along with discipline results in upbringing of moral as well as social development with excellent results and overall development."
Generally, Parents/Guardians are naturally worried about the future and career of their wards. Because their children are the lucky heirs of their ancestors and so they want to provide them the best culture and education. That’s why they search for better schools. There are these three elements which are responsible for the best results and consequences of life. First family, second institution and third he/she himself/herself. It can be undoubtedly said that if all these elements are contributed among one another, there will be unexpected good results otherwise changing frequently the school and institution will prove useless. These are the real facts. Without knowing these facts the results cannot be produced and it will be totally wastage of time and energy. It is good to say “ The root of justice lying under the truth” Acknowledging this truth, Tagore Science Residential School, Kuchaman city assures the parents/Guardians to make them aware about the performances of their wards after evaluating within three months.